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A qualified manufacturer from China entertaining bulk orders for excellent quality Tricone Bit and Tricone Rock Drilling Bit.
About Jiangsu Haojiang Drilling Tools Co. Ltd.

Many years of experience in the field empowers us with great knowledge and helps us respond to market needs for innovative and high-quality products like Milled Tooth Tricone Bit, Carbide Rock Roller Bit, PDC Drilling Bit, TCI Tricone Bit, etc., with excellence. Since 2004, we have been relying on our purpose-built facility and productive manpower to introduce unique and application-specific Drill Bits and other products in many sizes and specifications. In all these years, we have enjoyed great distinction in the industry by providing a wide range of industrial products to both our domestic and foreign customers.

Client calls for product quality perfection and great service is what drives our business. As a client centric and technology focused manufacturer and exporter, we harness the power of our advanced tools, progressive manufacturing processes and international quality management policies to create products befitting multiple commercial and industrial applications. With the aim to make quality better every time we initiate production, we not just embrace technological innovation but also form well strategic partnerships with reliable raw material merchants who walk with us to create powerful products. They supply us qualitative components for product design and assembly so that we can construct a durable and precisely manufactured range, on every order. We also deliver our proven expertise as a client centric business through medium of our quick post sales support service.

Our authentic ethical behavior is just one positive facet of our giant manufacturing business. Other factors leading to the long-term growth of our company in a competitive industry are:

  • Our innovative spirit and contribution towards industrial development
  • Our products like Milled Tooth Tricone Bit, Stainless Steel TCI Tricone Bit, etc., expertly tailored to suit multiple drilling environments
  • Our expertise in R&D and product design

Our Customers

Today, our business reach has expanded to many countries and regions, and we have emerged as a strong contender in our field. Some of the largest scale companies around the world are our long-term partners, and we take immense pride in the fact that our range has grown in demand even in foreign shores and our business has reached unprecedented heights in the global drill bit solutions manufacturing industry. 

Our Excellence

We would not have been thriving in our field if not for our technology partners. These experts have unflinchingly extended their support and assistance to us and have always reciprocated our quality expectations without fail. We have built an R&D center to work on leading technology in our field of work along with these powerful partners. Such alliances lead to intensive research-based works and development of innovative Drill Bits whose standards are hard to match by anyone in the industry, globally. 

Our Team

Every successful company relies on a synergetic working style and depends on its team players for attaining company objectives within deadlines. We too have employed seasoned experts in our team who display outstanding scientific calibres, innovative mindsets, and technological talents as expected from the best minds of the industry. We channelize our human resources in the right direction and encourage exchange of ideas between all our team members so that each member contributes to the growth of our company from the front. It is with the support of our robust team that we are continually dispensing the right quality products like Stainless Steel TCI Tricone Bit, Milled Tooth Tricone Bit, etc., and expanding our business internationally.  

Application Areas

As an industry leading Drill Bits manufacturer, we have handled many niche projects of various clients, both home and abroad. Our ability of delivering outcome-based solutions is seen in the way we expertly work and offer our product design competence in the following areas:

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Petroleum
  • Natural Gas
  • Water Well
  • Geothermal Well
  • Drilling & Tunnelling
  • Mining Industry

Safety Culture

While exercising the best quality control programme in our organization, we never let Safety take a backseat. We prioritize Safety above anything else, as we know that safe production methods help in thwarting accidents related to safety, which is a prerequisite for a large-scale manufacturing company like ours.

Core Values

A solid business foundation can only be built on solid core values. With a burning desire to be the top-ranking name in our field, we never take these values for granted and subscribe to them under all circumstances. 

Our company operates a successful global business pillared by the following core values:

  • Manufacturing Efficiency: Helps us construct reliable, application-specific solutions that are unmatched in the industry.
  • Continuous Innovation: Fuels our production excellence and helps us keep pace with the most current and complicated design trends.
  • Business Integrity: Never do we disappoint any associate with any unethical tactics in business. Years of experience in business has taught us how to keep up with our commitments to provide higher quality products, on each order, for securing long-term cooperation and trust of patrons.
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